Lindsey Spadoni

Q: How long have you been teaching for?

A: “This is my second year teaching full time. I’ve been working in education for about eight years. Last year I taught in Hawaii at Kauai High School, so this is my second year.”


Q: Do you like West Linn so far?

A: “I love West Linn. Students here are so nice, the staff is really positive and welcoming and supportive. I’ve never met such kind, hardworking students before. I love how they say thank you at the end of class, they do their homework, they have lots of interesting insight to add to every discussion, they’re very engaged and interested in each other and the world around them. They’re very kind to me as a teacher, and I’ve just felt really comfortable here from the start.”


Q: Why did you choose to teach English?

A: “I had originally intended to be a social studies teacher because I love talking about history and politics and social issues, but it’s easier to find a job as a language arts teacher. My first job offer was for language arts, and from the beginning I found that it is actually more fun to teach language arts because you can talk about social issues and politics, but you can also integrate art,  poetry, short stories, as well as non-fiction, TED talks, or, you know, non-fiction articles. Students could be learning about a place that we are reading about, and learning the historical context of it, while also engaging with interesting stories.”

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