Five ways Homecoming is changing this year

Graphic by Karina Rower

1) Location

For the first time in two years, the Homecoming dance will once again be held in the main gym after the conclusion of the Homecoming football game instead of on the tennis courts.

2) Attire

The dance will be informal. As opposed to last year’s formal dress code, students will not be expected to dress up for the dance, and are welcome to wear whatever they wore to the game before.

3) Carnival

The Homecoming carnival will give different clubs and extracurriculars the chance to perform and connect with their peers after school for the first time since 2019. Affinity Club, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and the Thespians, are just some of the clubs that are expected to have booths at the carnival. 

4) Assembly

Instead of being held in the gym like years past, the Homecoming assembly, which will feature performances from the pep band and cheer team, is going to be held in the stadium.

5) Stadium

With the completion of the stadium expansion prior to the start of the football season, the Homecoming football game will return to the stadium at West Linn High School after being held at Wilsonville High School due to construction last year.

For more information on how Homecoming is being updated this year, and print editor-in-chief Audrey Lippert and web editor-in-chief Karina Rower’s experiences and opinions regarding the event, listen to the latest episode of the West Linn Weekly Wake Up available wherever you get your podcasts.