Soprana Sushi is the rice place to be

Anna Keil

February 1, 2012

Based off the show, “Soprano," Soprana Sushi, a Japanese sushi restaurant, has opened in the old Willamette area. With a simple and plain exterior, the restaurant seems uninteresting, but once you step inside, all of those assumptions...

Unacceptable, unbelievable, unavoidable: the political reality of the NDAA and how we can push back

Elise Brown

January 20, 2012

It is wrong, it is terrifying, and it is a stain on our political history that must be removed. It threatens American citizens with indefinite detention without habeas corpus, shamelessly violating the Constitution and Bill of...

Ski Team to start sliding down the slopes

Marley Young

January 5, 2012

As the snow pours on the high mountain tops, West Linn High School Ski Team sighs in relief. After weeks of waiting for the inches to accumulate, the team is now anxious to start the season. “This is a strong group of kids,...

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