West Linn High School homecoming candidates

“I feel great being a homecoming prince. I did not see it coming!” Chad Crader one of the three senior homecoming princes said. In late September and early October the big question around West Linn high was, “Who will be the homecoming candidates?” After voting for the candidates on Oct 23 results were posted on Oct. 1.

“I’m excited to be a part of such a special event! This will definitely be one of my favorite memories at West Linn,” Maddie Groh, a senior homecoming princess, said. “I spend most of my time at my dance studio, but I also enjoy being part of my youth group, spending time with friends and hanging out with Ellis Eaton.” she added. Eaton is a senior prince on the court.

“This past summer was pivotal, I made a positive impact on so many lives by simply being the guy that was there for them when they needed me” Crader said of why he believes he was elected. “I’m glad to see that I made some sort of impact on people in one way or another.” The third senior homecoming prince in the senior court is Danny Zakariya.

Joining the senior homecoming princes are the princesses Keeley Anderson, Mackenzie Baker and Maddie Groh.

“I have a true appreciation for West Linn so I make it a priority to get involved in school activities and put 100% into everything I do, making me a great candidate for homecoming princess,” Groh said.

Juniors elected Mitch Henderson and Samantha Brungardt to represent their grade. “I’m going to do it just to say I was a homecoming princess to my children when I’m older,” Brunghart said.

Sophomores elected Olivia Soyk, sophomore homecoming princess, “feels very excited and honored to be in the homecoming court.” Soyk said. She lives by the quote “treat others how you want to be treated”. “It really keeps me thinking about other people’s feelings before my own” Soyk added.

Freshmen elected Jenna Ittershagen and Jonny Neville as their representatives.

West Linn High will find out who will be named homecoming king and queen at halftime on the day of the homecoming football game.