Too Early For Prom?

Starting preparations for the prom experience months in advance


Last year, Rudy Hughes, junior, asks Mackenzie Hartdegen, senior, to prom. He laid out baseballs to spell out ‘prom?’ because of his love for baseball.

It is a tough balance between planning too early, and preparing too late in preparing for prom. While there are both pros and cons to prom planning months in advance, the pros outway the cons. Planning for the spring dance months in advance helps with both the little details and saving for the budget.

The little details are vital to enjoying the overall prom experience. Many nail and hair salons book up months in advance. It is recommended by Teen Vogue magazine to schedule your hair and nail appointment two months in advance. If you plan to save money and do both yourself, then Teen Vogue recommends practicing how you want your hair and nails to look two months before prom as well.

Another stressor for most families is the budget. Last year Western families spent an average of $1,125 on prom. Many companies, like Men’s Wearhouse, have programs set up to help parents save money. Even so, the new trend seems to be to save as much as possible. Last year the national spending on prom dropped 14 percent.

Another reason it’s a good idea to start thinking about prom early is to secure the dress or tuxedo. According to the U.S. Census released on Feb. 17, the amount of people shopping online has increased by 2.3 percent. Shopping for prom attire would be no different. Many styles of dresses or tuxedos are readily available online, and not sold in stores.

Though this is handy for people who are the same size and shape to fit the sizes online, it is unrealistic to assume that when buying attire online it will fit perfectly. Often alterations are needed for the attire to fit the way they were meant to. The problem with this is that if the dress is ordered just in time for prom and it needs alterations, it’s a rush to find someone who can fix it in time. Oftentimes, alteration businesses charge more for alterations on a rushed time schedule.

For the people who care about experiencing the whole prom package, now is a good time to start preparations. Prom is May 16, and will come up before we know it. If you’re not quite ready to be looking for a dress or booking appointments, now is at least a good time to start thinking about ways to budget for prom and to start saving money for the expenses.