West Linn High School students host French exchange students

While many students are still struggling to grasp “Where is the bathroom?” and “Does anyone speak English?” in their world language classes, two West Linn High School students, Hanna Russell, sophomore and Cade Guerins, sophomore are glimpsing at a whole other way to learn a language. Russell and Guerins are both hosting French exchange students for the next week.

Living with someone you’ve never met before may seem daunting, but Russell has taken the potential uncomfortable situation in stride. “It’s fun [having an exchange student]” she said, “it’s like having an extra sibling.”

“While [Aurelia] is here we having been doing a lot more actual cooking at home, and we’re going shopping soon. It has been really fun,” Russell said. “It’s just been great having her here.”

The exchange students, Aurelia Dublin and Edouard Benay are from Annecy, France and attend Saint Michel High School where they are both the American equivalent to sophomores. They came to the U.S. primarily to experience American culture.

Dublin and Benay arrived arrived April 5 and will leave April 25, but in the meantime are enjoying their stay in America “The U.S. is great,”  Dablin, who is staying with Russell, said.