Amazon van provokes fears in community

The story about the Rusty White Van has been spreading and changing over the last couple of weeks. The real story will change your mind.

Officer Halverson, the police officer at West Linn High School, has confirmed there is nothing that public needs to worry about. Halverson said that the white van was a Amazon delivery truck, who was lost.

“She was not grabbed, spoken or contacted in anyway,” Halverson said, he dosent know the name of the girl because they did not call the police. “ A middle school aged girl was walking home and felt like the van was following her, she called her mom and went to the closet house,” Halverson explained. “She did not call the police, which she should have, even if it’s just a gut feeling, that’s why the number is so short,” Halverson said.

Andrew Kilstrom, Director of Communications for the West Linn-Wilsonville School District sent an email to the district staff about a police report on the Rusty White Van. The report included a middle school aged girl that was frightened by a Rusty White Van. This happened around 8 a.m. last week.

The West Linn Police Department believes there is no imminent danger but has asked that residents call the non-emergency dispatch number at 503-635-0238 if they see a van matching the above description,” Kilstrom said.

This incident is also a timely reminder for parents to talk with their students about safe travel in their neighborhood as well as to and from school.” Klistrom said. The police now have more information on the van and have cleared up the different stories.