Amazing race

These photos were taken of the amazing race at West Linn High School. The amazing race is an event where students compete one another in a  series of challenges. The event last multiple days, challenges themselves being held at all times of the day. The victorious team of two wins prizes which change every year.

Electric after a win, Skyler Westover, 12 and Griffin Banta, 12 proudly pose for the camera.

Total focus is how one could describe the mood of Grace Gabler, 12 and Griffin Banta, 12. They are competing in a game of tossing marbles into small buckets.

Completely focused, Skyler Westover,12 takes his turn at tossing the marbles.

Matching faces can be challenging, as Griffin Banta, 12, and Skyler Westover, 12, experienced first hand. Photos of the staff were laid out and contestants were asked to match baby photos to current photos. ASB officers Shaylee Hicks, 12, and Aubree Schrant, 12, supervised the event.  Victorious in the last challenge.