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Kiara Jia and Ayushi Mallick, seniors, display color-coordinated flyers and business cards to advertise the blood drives put on by Red Cross Club.

Red Cross Club

The Red Cross Club provides an opportunity for students to help set up blood drives and other activities that help the community. Meetings are run by Ayushi Mallick, senior, and Kiara Jia, senior, and are advised by Mr. Geurts. They meet on Thursdays in the F Lab. Their goal is to help save lives by coordinating blood drives alongside the American Red Cross. They work to promote awareness and thankfulness by performing community service projects. 

“My goal is to give our leadership everything that it needs in terms of resources to accomplish all their goals and we have been very lucky to have a lot of student interest. Many years. Our first club meetings will start with over 100 students showing up and showing interest in the club,” Geurts said.

Blood drives are put on throughout the school year. Usually, there are three major blood drives and a few smaller ones per year. 

“So, a drive starts with figuring out where the drive is going to be held. They used to hold them in the gym before COVID[-19] and now a lot of times it is in the Community New Life Church right across the street or nearby like Merrillville Hearst campus and then we work to contact and recruit donors,” Geurts said.

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