Anna Strobbe

Q: Did you go on any vacations out of town or out of state this summer?

A: I didn’t go out of state, but I did go to a camp that was really fun, which is in the bend area.

Q: Now, is Creekside [the camp Anna attended] through a religious organization?

A: Yeah, it’s a christian camp, but if you aren’t christian they still welcome you and teach you about it… You don’t have to be christian, but it’s kind of what it’s about.

Q: Did you hike or raft or do anything to utilize the outdoor environment the camp was placed in?

A: Yeah, there’s a really big pool outside, so everybody would get to go swim. And once we got to go do a night hike, which was really fun. It did get really tiring, but it’s good for bonding because everybody got to work together, and it was really fun.

Q: Would you say you met new people and had new experiences?

A: Yeah, definitely. I did meet new people, not necessarily from other schools, but just people that i’ve known around school but never really got to know that well. So, that was really exciting, just to meet new people and like, see a different side of them you never thought they had. There were probably around 15 [to a cabin].We did get assigned to cabins with our cities… the older eighth grade girls would be in a cabin, seventh grade West Linn girls would be in a cabin, but during free time we were able to go hang out with whoever we wanted, just hang out with any friends in any grade level.

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