For the last three months the football stadium has been closed due to ongoing construction.

Home games away from home

Audrey Lippert, Co-Editor-in-Chief September 22, 2021

As a result of ongoing construction, athletes will not be playing fall sports games in their home stadium. The football stadium, which was officially closed on June 1, is receiving upgrades, including...

After a year online, Trevor Menne is excited to make in-person connections with students and staff alike.

New year, new principal

Trevor Menne steps up in a new position, and is excited to lead
Helena Erdahl, Co-Editor-in-Chief September 20, 2021
“Just having the chance to lead it's really an honor,” -Trevor Menne
Its more than just a random number calling

It’s more than just a random number calling

Jamaicans scamming Americans and the dangers on both sides
Nyla Cabine, Staff Reporter May 14, 2021

Disneyland reopens

Disneyland reopens

Kylie Zeman, Staff Reporter April 21, 2021

Nearing its 66th anniversary, Disneyland has reopened after shutting down since the pandemic began in March 2020. With it being closed for over a year, people are anxious to get back. Here are five important...

With the way vaccines were distributed, it feels like everyone is reaching out to get one. Image created by Logan Winder

Vaccine Tug-Of-War

Logan Winder, Opinion Section Editor April 7, 2021

The controversy surrounding COVID-19 never seems to end. Lockdown restrictions, masks, social gatherings, the list goes on and on when it comes to things people are angry about. If we follow this pattern,...

Tanner Springs Assisted Living makes changes to protect residents, through mask wearing and other precautions.

Working amidst a pandemic

Lucy McCowen shares her experience as an essential worker during COVID-19
Helena Erdahl, Coverage Editor March 19, 2021

Recently, students have gotten the vaccine and for a variety of reasons. Some of these include health reasons, and, in some cases, being an essential worker. Lucy McCowen, senior, is an aide at Tanner...

At the first JV 2 womens soccer game of the season, small groups of spectators lined the hillside watching the athletes play.

Returning to the field

Audrey Lippert, Podcast and Blogs Editor March 10, 2021

 It’s been nearly a year since the basketball and dance teams got sent home from their respective state championships, and sports, as we knew them, were shut down. Now with the number of COVID-19 cases...

The Oregon Convention Center has been devoted to administering COVID-19 vaccines. Within one visit, patients can receive the vaccine and set up an appointment for a second dose. Brooklyn Foody noted the ease of getting vaccinated at the Convention Center, saying, “They have a really efficient way of just getting everyone through and making sure we were all masked up and distanced, and so I got in and out in a half hour at the very latest.

Healthy optimism

Healthy optimism Promising medical developments build precedent for life after the pandemic
Matilda Milner, Co-editor-in-chief March 8, 2021

The FDA approval of multiple COVID-19 vaccines has opened the door to new possibilities. West Linn-Wilsonville schools are reopening, sports are resuming, and CDC guidelines are adjusting.  The...

Being a sustainable consumer is a difficult position to take on in the world of fast fashion, and it can be easy to be performative and not up front about your shopping habits.

A sustainable choice: Evading ‘fast fashion’ in support of our planet

Karina Rower, Web Editor March 4, 2021

When discussing climate change, often the fashion market’s severe impact on the planet goes unmentioned. Fashion is one of the foremost polluting industries in the world. We often forget this because...

Courtesy to https://www.wlwv.k12.or.us

West Linn Teacher Elected to Office

Caden Kesselring, Broadcast Editor In Chief March 1, 2021

After the 2020 local elections came, a former City Councilor Jules Walters won the position of Mayor of West Linn, leaving an open interim spot until the next election in may for the City Council.  Long...

Winter Weather Report

James Webster, Business Manager February 25, 2021

https://youtu.be/QGkLMX-63Vs James Webster Gives us a brief update on the aftermath of last week's winter storm.

Ben Hsieh at the summit of a hike he did with friend Steve Davala.

Remembering a ‘legend’

Students, community members grieve the passing of one of Rosemont’s math teachers
Skylar Moore, Co-Editor-in-chief January 21, 2021

Wounding hearts from all around are feeling the weight of loss from the passing of Ben Hsieh, who died Dec. 28 from a heart attack while hiking Mt. Hood. A teacher, father of two, community member and...

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