April book recommendations to get you into the spring season


Karina Rower

Spring into the season with some new reads.

For readers, each month provides a selection of new books to look forward to. From well known to brand new authors, this April brings a variety of anticipated books. If you’ve recently finished reading all the books on your shelf, this list will bring many new novels to your attention. 


1. “Homecoming” by Kate Morton 

In Adelaide Hills, a local discovers a murder scene outside a large country house, which leads to a bewildering investigation in the town of Tambilla. Long after this event, a journalist named Jess has been working in London for quite some time and is struggling to find a story. She returns to Australia after receiving a phone call explaining that her grandmother has fallen gravely ill. Upon arriving at her grandmother’s house in Sydney, Jess finds a novel detailing the Turner Family Tragedy of 1959, the same unsolved investigation mentioned previously. Jess is astonished when she finds a striking connection between the murder and her own family’s history. 

Known for writing best selling novels such as “The Forgotten Garden,” and “The Distant Hours,” Morten delivers a story that goes through different time periods and settings.


2. “The Society of Shame” by Jane Roper  

Kathleen Held becomes the subject of unexpected fame after she arrives home to her house on fire. Her husband, a politician running for senate, and he is having an affair. However, both of these things are ignored in favor of a photo of Kathleen with a period stain on her pants which goes viral. The next day, Kathleen is represented as the leading figure in a new social media women’s rights movement, “#YesWeBleed.” Upon discovering this news, Kathleen goes into hiding and avoids the mainstream spotlight as much as possible. But then, she finds a group of other scandal-ridden people known as the, “Society of Shame.” Kathleen gets new-found knowledge from being in the society and attempts to rebuild her public image and reputation. She becomes obsessed with social media popularity leading her to ignoring her relationship with her daughter. 

Known for writing her two other books, “Double Time” and “Eden Lake,” Roper brings a novel that details the struggles of having an online persona.


3. “Small Mercies” by Dennis Lehane

 The year is 1974, Mary Pat Fennessy is working for an old fashioned Irish American housing project company and is desperately trying to avoid the bill collectors and get through the Boston heatwave. Mary’s daughter suddenly goes missing the same night a young man is killed by a subway train. Fueled by a desperate need to find her daughter, Mary begins connecting the two events together, despite the strange circumstances. Mary suspects the Irish mob chieftain, Marty Butler, could have had direct involvement with the event so she begins questioning him and his employees. After their business is threatened, the mob develop a distaste for Mary. 

Known for writing the “Kenzie & Gennaro” and the “Coughlin” series of novels, Lehane presents a captivating and thrilling story set in the backdrop of the violent Boston desegregation busing crisis.


4. “Symphony of Secrets” by Brendan Slocumb

Bern Hendricks, an expert on the immensely popular 20th century classical composer, Frederick Delaney, gets a phone call that could change his perspective on music forever. One of Delaney’s descendants who is a board member of the Delaney Foundation, Mallory Roberts, calls Bern and asks for his help authenticating a recently recovered piece of music that could be a lost opera that Delaney never released. Of course, Bern is eager to help. Along with his computer literate colleague, Eboni, the two of them realize that the history of the composition is much more convoluted than they thought. Back in the 1920s, Fred Delaney was a struggling musician living in Manhattan. But then he meets musical prodigy, Josephine Reed, in a jazz club. The two formed a partnership in the music business. Josephine’s talent for hearing inspiration in unexpected places boosts Delaney into stardom status. However, Bern and Eboni begin to suspect that Delaney uncredited Josephine in some of his most famous work. Now, they set out to uncover the truth while also having to avoid a blood-thirsty organization with lots of secrets. 

Known for writing Good Morning America Book Club pick, “The Violin Conspiracy,” Slocumb combines suspense and passion into a profound story that celebrates music.


5. “In the Lives of Puppets” by T.J Klune

Deep in a forest full of large trees, three robots and a human live peacefully in a little house built in between the branches. The family consists of Giovanni Lawson, Victor Lawson, Rambo, and Nurse Ratched. Victor discovers a broken robot who he repairs and names Hap. During his attempt to repair him, it is revealed to Victor that Hap and Gio share a dark history that involves hunting humans. When their former robot colleagues find out their location after Hap accidently alerts them, they kidnap Gio and take him back to a laboratory in an attempt to reprogram him. Now Victor, Hap, Rambo, and Nurse Ratched set out on a quest to find the City of Electric Dreams in order to rescue Gio. 

Known for writing award winning books such as “Into This River I Drown” and “The House in the Cerulean Sea,” Klune brings a hopeful story about a family journey that explores sci-fi and humor.


6. “Before We Were Innocent” by Ella Berman 

High school best friends Bess, Joni, and Evangeline chose to spend their summer vacation in Greece ten years ago. However, Evangeline mysteriously dies during the trip and questions are left unanswered. The media suspects and accuses Bess and Joni of having been involved in their friend’s death, but the two of them are cleared of any charges. Once Bess and Joni returned home, their lives drastically changed. Joni used her new found infamous reputation to capitalize on her fame and became a motivational speaker. Bess however, took a quieter route and chose to live a very sheltered life in order to avoid association with Evangeline’s death. In the present day, Joni unexpectedly shows up at Bess’ house looking for help. Joni reveals that she is caught up in another unlawful situation that is very much like what happened to Evangeline in Greece. Bess has to decide whether to return to Los Angeles with Joni and confront what happened all those years ago, or stay in hiding for the rest of her life.

Known for writing the TODAY Show book club pick, “The Comeback,” Berman delivers an emotional novel filled with mystery that explores two timelines.