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The independent student media site of West Linn High School


The independent student media site of West Linn High School



Welcome to The wlhsNOW Green & Gold Yearbook page!

A little about the yearbook: We are a student-led publication that has been nationally recognized for excellence. We are proud of our role as journalists, creating a publication with excellence that tells the story of the year at West Linn High School. That means, this book is about YOU! We strive to make sure you are in the book remembered the way you want to be remembered. We work hard to produce a quality product we can all be proud of. Thanks for visiting.

Order Your 2024 Yearbook Today!

If you want a copy of the historic 2024 West Linn High School Green & Gold Yearbook, you will need to place an order. We will only print as many books as are preordered, so if you do not preorder a yearbook, we cannot guarantee you will get a yearbook.

Order your book today online at the West Linn High School Web Store. Or by Clicking Here.

You can also order by sending a check for $60 made out to West Linn High School (with “Student Name Yearbook” in the memo) and send it to West Linn High School Bookkeeper 5464 West A St. West Linn, OR 97068

Senior Photos (Free):

In every yearbook all students get a photo – the default is the student ID photo. Seniors (class of 2023) have the option to submit a different photo, one they have taken themselves or one by a photographer. The page link below is where you submit those photos. Please read through all the requirements BEFORE submitting your photo. If you submit your photo and it does not meet the requirements, then your photo may not make it into the book and your LifeTouch photo will be used. We will not accept any prints for senior ads. You must have a digital file to submit to us, we will not scan your photo.

2024 Submission 

2024 Portrait Poster/Information


Here’s an example of what a senior photo page would look like:

Senior Dedication Ads (Paid):

Senior Dedication Ads are a page space that you purchase to write whatever you want to your student and submit a few photos. The number of photos and words depend on the size of ad you purchase. Fees are listed on the page below. Submit your photo and message in order to reserve your dedication ad. Then pay the bookkeeper in the main office, or email her at [email protected]

2024 Senior Dedication Ads 

2024 Senior Dedications Poster

Once you submit your dedication ad by clicking the form above, make sure you pay for your ad by going to the West Linn High School Web Store. Or by Clicking Here.


Here’s what a page of senior ads look like. It has examples of the different types of ads there are. The one on the right is a full page. The ones to the left are a few 1/9th page ads on the top with 2 1/3 page ads below.

Purchase 1/9th (1 photo, 30 words) of a page ad:  1/9th page here ($55)

Purchase 2/9ths (max 2 photos, max 60 words) of a page ad: 2/9ths page here ($80)

Purchase a 1/3rd (max 5 photos, max 100 words) of a page ad: 1/3rd of a page here ($130)

Purchase a FULL PAGE (max 10 photos, 300 words) ad: Full Page ad here ($330)



Proportions and Examples

Please ensure your photo fits into the proportions of the template below (size of head/shoulder ratio) before submitting.
















Face too close to the camera+photo in black and white









Hands are showing+too far away from the camera









Distracting background+not original photo file








Shoulders are not square+head is not in proportion


Senior Portraits: 5:4 photo ratio (only vertical), head size – half the photo height (head must fill the majority of the frame – no full-body pictures), and the student must be the main subject of the photo (use last year’s portraits for reference), must be a high-resolution digital copy of the original photo/file, image should be 300 DPI, we accept JPG or TIFF files (images off of social media/screenshots will not work!). 

Senior Dedications: Full page – up to 10 photos, up to 300 words. 1/3 page – up to 3 photos, up to 100 words. 2/9 page – up to 2 photos, up to 60 words. 1/9 page – 1 photo, up to 30 words.

How do I buy a yearbook?

The Bookkeeper in the main office handles all sales. Order online by going to the West Linn High School Web Store. Or by Clicking Here.

You can also still buy LAST YEAR’S 2022-2023 yearbook as well if you did not get one already.

For Purchasing/Ordering questions, Email Brenda Freeman here: [email protected]

How will my name appear in the yearbook?

Click on this Name Check form ( to make sure we have your name spelled correctly and that it is in the book the way you want to be remembered. Make sure you log in with your school gmail account in order for us to verify your account and name.

What’s your policy on… ?

Read the Green & Gold Yearbook Staff Editorial Policy here. ( for information on how this student publication handles issues as they arise.

General Questions

If you have a general question regarding the WLHS Yearbook, drop us a line at [email protected]. We will get back to you as soon as we can!




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