Editorial: Jonathan Garcia for ASB president


Eden Pepos

ASB presidential candidate, Jonathan Garcia, stands at the high school’s fall carnival put on by ASB.

This is the opinion of the 2023—2024 Editorial Board.

Posters filled with slogans decorate the halls for the upcoming Associated Student Body (ASB) elections. Freshman, sophomore, and junior students have the opportunity to run for a position on the following school year’s ASB. ASB presidents have been a century-old tradition at the high school. 

On May 24, students will be given the opportunity to vote for their preferred candidates to receive positions on ASB. Every year, ASB attempts to fill the spots for nine seniors, seven juniors, and four sophomores. What sets this year apart from the prior years is competition for the ASB president position. Last year, Sky Gomes, senior, ran for ASB President uncontested. This year, there are three individuals looking for the position: Jonathan Garcia, Beatrice Gilroy and Jonny McCoy, all incoming seniors.

Garcia set out on his campaign along with his peers and appeared on the recent LiveROAR broadcast. His goals are to promote a community of equality and acceptance in the community.  

It’s time for a change of tradition. We have seen the continuous goals of the ASB in the past focus on spirit-focused events. 

However, Garcia brings a new perspective to the front. Garcia’s goal is to add equality and acceptance to ensure students feel included in the events of ASB. In his mission statement, he talks about the value of respect and the importance of getting everyone involved in the community. If elected, one of his goals is to fund programs such as musical arts and theater while continuing to fund for sports.  

“As president I will encourage ASB to connect with students, create more events that include every student and make each student feel equal,” Garcia said. “All students, every race, every gender, every age, religion, sexual identity and more deserve the same opportunities and as ASB President that will be what I strive to achieve the entire year.”

It’s important to ensure the representation of everyone at our school, which has a low minority enrollment of 21% according to U.S. News. Garcia represents multiple of these communities. He provides further insight of groups that are not commonly represented. He has the opportunity to be the voice of these minority groups, and give ASB a more inclusive outlook on the student population.

 This year was his first year as a ASB officer, and during his time in the position some of his biggest achievements were organizing the Homecoming Carnival, May Day, Awareness for National Breast Cancer awareness week, to name a few.

Garcia is also heavily involved in the Teen Advisory Board (TAB). TAB is a club that works to prevent alcohol and substance abuse. He is one of their leaders and is the social media manager for their Instagram. 

Traditionally, ASB has been in charge of the organization of events such as school dances, May Day, and the Live ROAR. Garcia has brought school spirit to these events and was in charge of planning the Homecoming Carnival in the fall. He has shown his ability to lead a group well as an ASB officer.

Garcia is the type of person who would invite you to sit by him at lunch if you were sitting alone. With Garcia’s previous work on ASB, he has shown responsibility and leadership skills. Next year, his position in ASB can further help him accomplish his goals in helping students. For all these reasons we, the 2023—2024 Editorial Board, endorse Garcia as the right choice for ASB President for the 2023—2024 school year.