Bryce Cumpston

Q: Did you enjoy your summer?

A: “I did enjoy my summer, quite a bit.”


Q: Did you go anywhere?

A: “Yeah, I went to Europe, and then I went to Utah.”


Q: Where did you go in Europe?

A: “…Started in England, then France, and then Switzerland…then through Liechtenstein into Austria, and then a day in Italy, and then Germany.”


Q: What was your favorite place in Europe?

A: “…Switzerland.”


Q: Did you have any summer homework?

A: “…Not really homework, but I did online Econ, and I did some SAT prep courses.”


Q: Were you excited for school this year?

A: “Somewhat, but I could’ve used another month of summer.”


Q: What was your greatest memory over the summer?

A: “…It was a day that I went to Manzanita, just for a day trip, and it was super fun…that was probably my favorite memory.”


Q: What was your worst memory over the summer?

A: “…There was one day in Venice when…we were in a hurry to get back, and I cracked my toe open on the back of my friend’s shoe…and just having to run through the streets of Venice spewing blood was not fun, and it was really hot too.”


Q: Would you say you spent more time with your friends or with your family?

A: “Definitely with my friends.”


Q: Did you learn anything new over the summer?

A: “I started learning guitar and piano.”

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