Maygan Adams

Q:  What is your full name?


A: Maygan Kealani Adams

 Q: What are your goals for this year

A:Well I’m taking an AP class so I’m hoping to pass that and all my other classes but most of my focus will be on my AP class. I also hope to do very well in all my other classes and try and get a 3.8 GPA by the end of HS because I would like to be a Doctor and to be a Doctor you have to have a 3.8 GPA+ to be able to go to medical school.

Q: If you could change something about WLHS what would it be?

A: People don’t really talk much so it makes it harder to make friends so I think I would change that, in classes it’s usually really quiet so I never know who to talk to and who is going to respond, it’s been getting better because we’re going onto our third week but yea, I wish people would be more active.

Q: Did you discover any new hobbies over the summer?

A: Walking, I think it’s pretty to see what’s on the way, I enjoy walking places more than one like walking the same road more than once because you notice new things every time. One time when I was walking through Oregon City I found a rock that said “OC rock-keep or re-hide” it was a rock that was painted  like a laydbug and was hidden in a bush.

Q: What was the worst part of your summer?

A: going camping at Depoe Bay, it was boring  and cold and I didn’t really learn anything from it. We went there to see the eclipse but it was too foggy to even see the corona around the sun so it was kinda pointless,

Q: What was the highlight of your summer?

A: Going to the Roger Water Concert at The Crystal Ballroom. My favorite part about it was that it was really pretty like all the lights. I’ve listened to him for 5 years and my favorite song by him is “Waiting for the Worms” off “the wall” I went with my boyfriend Tristan and it was very pretty. The lady next to us cried during the concert which was funny.


Q:Did you think school started too early?

A:I thought it was dumb but it’s better because we get out earlier in the year, like for example Oregon City and Tigard didn’t start till September sixth, but we’ll get out earlier than them for summer and also if it starts snowing we’ll have less days to make-up.

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