Sam Misa

Q: “What are your common hobbies?”

 A:”Football, I’ve been playing since 5h grade, and I now play for the high school freshmen team. I’ve been interested since 3rd grade, but my parents would insist i would get hurt. I’ve never had a serious long term injury, but i get the wind knocked out of me all the time. I might be playing track this school year too. I just became interested in track because i want more endurance and strength for football.”

Q: “What’s your favorite subject? Why?”

 A: “History, History’s really interesting, ya know, they don’t tell really boring stuff because that would suck. I’ve always been interested because my dad liked to watch war movies and documentaries with me. I learned a lot from those and i was the top of my class from 4 through 8th grade in history.”

Q: “What are you interested in doing after high school?”

 A: “Well i like to play video games, so that got me interested in the idea of flying for the air force, because i see it as a 3D video game. I’ve also been interested in fighting the bad of the world, so naturally i’d want to be apart of the military. Back in the war against Japan (WW2), my great grandfather would do a lot of recon and gain intelligence of the enemy plans back in the philippines.”

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