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“Rodeo” – 2015 

February 26, 2020

Artist: Travis Scott

Album: “Rodeo”

Most Replay-able: “Antidote”

Best Beat Switch: “90210”

Travis Scott’s debut album “Rodeo“ introduced the world to his iconic electronic sound. Coupled with immaculate production, “Rodeo” at its best is thriving in the “nightlife” of California, delivering a dark and mysterious vibe. Scott’s lengthy five, six, even seven plus minute tracks become epics in his journey to success as he raps about his experiences. 

The Track “90210” serves as a self-reflection for Scott, the first half of the song depicts a young porn star moving from her homewtown. Not only does this keep with the partying theme of the album, but directly mirrors Scott’s move from Houston to the Golden State. As the beat beautifully switches in the latter half, Scott’s connections to this unknown girl develop; as he unveils the complexity of his family situation, reflecting on both the struggles of leaving his family behind, and how his success has affected them. 

Scott’s “Rodeo” has been immensely influential in today’s sounds, with Scott’s trap wave tunes dominating the charts. Yet, despite this, “Rodeo” manages to still feel like a breath of fresh air when listening. 

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