“The Money Store” – 2012

February 26, 2020

Artist: Death Grips

Album: “The Money Store”

Unique Music Video:I’ve Seen Footage”

Most Headbang-able Outro: “Hacker”

The first time I listened to Death Grips, “The Money Store” it evoked a genuine uneasiness within me, that wholeheartedly intrigued me while simultaneously spookingmail me. Death Grips’ lead vocalist Stefan Burnett hits hard with his deep raw voice, coupled with the energetic EDM dance-tune yet dark and industrial sound within “The Money Store.”

This album is unique to say the least. Never expect to hear Death Grips on the radio or at the supermarket, this music is not for everyone and they’re OK with that. The trio has paved their own lane that they have been able to thrive in, with extensive critical success. 

“The Money Store” reminds me of a lemon. It might seem tart at first, but in reality it’s just unique, which can work wonders in spicing up a dish. In this sense of a lemon, Death Grips is much more nuanced and complex than one might believe, and are undoubtedly pushing the boundaries of rap.

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