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Blake Crawford

Blake Crawford, junior, is an upcoming influence as a pitcher for the team. He has been playing for most of his life. 

“I was young, like two years old,” Crawford said. 

Crawford has continued to play because of his passion for the game and for the friends he has made through the sport. 

“I love the game,” Crawford said. “I always thought it was fun. I have a lot of friends to play [with].” 

Crawford hopes this passion and drive will help him continue into college baseball. 

“I want to play college baseball after I graduate,” Crawford said. “I think PAC 12 schools would be pretty cool”

As a pitcher, Crawford has to commit a great deal of time to achieve the amount of skill to play varsity baseball. Pitching is a specialty that requires significant amounts of time to achieve control. As a pitcher, it’s important to be able to throw numerous types of pitches accurately and be able to consistently achieve this. 

“I mean, usually we throw every day and then we throw bullpens probably twice a week to get our arm ready [for the season],” Crawford said.

The atmosphere can be a big influence on how a game turns out. For Crawford, he thinks the team’s attitude will change throughout the season, even though at the moment it is less tense. 

“Right now it’s pretty chill,” Crawford said. “But once we get to the playoffs, I think there’ll be some big expectations for us.”


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