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Chloe Dehlin

Chloe Dehlin, senior, is mainly an outfielder for the varsity softball team. She has been playing since she was seven years old. 

“I would I’ve mostly kept playing to have something to do,” Dehlin said. “But yeah, no, I really like it.”

In order to produce a successful season, the practices in preparation can be seen as an indicator of the coordination of the team, and how they will fare under pressure. So far, Dehlin thinks these practices have been successful. 

“I think they’ve been really fun,” Dehlin said. “They’ve been really productive compared to the past few years. So that’s been good.”

Coming back from the events of last year, Dehlin is excited about the coming changes to the team. 

“I was really excited to come back [so] I was like, this is this is the year we’re gonna be good,” Dehlin said. “We’re gonna have fun. ”

As far as coaching this season, Dehlin thinks that head coach Gina Garvey-Metzler’s main strength is her trust. 

“And she trusts us a lot to do what we need to like. She’s not coaching us a ton because she knows we shouldn’t know how we’re doing at this point, but she puts a lot of trust in us to communicate is definitely there with her without her,” Dehlin said. 

Dehlin’s expectations for the upcoming season are mainly to enjoy the time with the team, and to improve their winning record. 

“I think we do really well this year,” Dehlin said. “So that’s the goal is to win a lot to have a winning record. I want her team to have fun. I want our team to get along.”

As for personal goals, Dehlin has her eyes set on her offense. She is set on improving where she sends her hits, and this is the main challenge she is facing. 

“My goal is for people to stop catching all of my hits this year,” Dehlin said. “I had a little bit of trouble last year every single drive I hit got caught. Every at least three down first baseman.”


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