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Max Allen

As a senior, Max Allen has one goal going into his final season— win state again. Following a victorious 2022 season, Allen hopes to improve as a pitcher. 

“I [want] to be able to contribute to the team,” Allen said. “In the innings [where] I get to pitch [I want] to do well enough to where we can win again.”

Allen sees developing his own skills as a personal focus for the season, alongside developing as a leader for younger team members. 

“I think I [am good at] throwing a lot of strikes,” Allen said. “[I am good at] just getting in there and being focused while playing. Also, being a good leader on the team when we’re in the dugout together.”

While last season’s championship game was a critical moment for returning seniors, Allen hopes the team will remain just as motivated this year.

“I think we could get complacent,” Allen said. “We won last year so we think it [could] happen again. So far we haven’t been [complacent] but I think it can happen.”

While the baseball season doesn’t begin until the spring, the team practices and works out year-round to prepare. This not only helps to be physically and mentally prepared but also to be united as a group.

“We’ve been working out since the fall and winter three days a week,” Allen said. “Now we’re up to six days a week in the season so we’re spending a lot of time together. We played all through last summer together so we’re pretty well bonded.”

Since playing baseball as a kindergartener, Allen’s love for the sport has developed with each season he has played, a trend he hopes to see continue.

“[Baseball is] really hard to master,” Allen said. “You know, there’s always stuff to get better at and I think that it’s really fun to just improve day after day, year after year.”

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