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Charlotte Brooke

Being the daughter of a collegiate player, softball has always played a role for Charlotte Brooke, junior. Playing since kindergarten on recreational and club teams, Brooke made junior varsity (JV) as a freshman and varsity as a sophomore. 

Throughout the years, Brooke’s family has supported her as a player. Because her mom played in college, she’s been involved in Brooke’s softball career. 

“[My parents] have always been there for me. If I need to rant about something, they’re always there to listen. They give me the best advice,” Brooke said. “My mom played college softball, so having her as one of my role models and mentors helps a lot.”

Coming into this season, Brooke will be a catcher for the varsity team again. Though the team’s last season had its good and bad moments, she’s ready for this season to get into full swing. 

“I think we [lost] 17 games before we actually started winning,” Brooke said. “And then we made it to quarter finals, which was the farthest we’ve gone in like 30 years, which is really special. I feel like if we have that same work ethic and positive attitude, we can make it far this year.”

Softball is a sport that relies on teamwork. With this in mind, the team has already begun doing team bonding, like working together to repaint Rosemont Ridge’s locker room and having a varsity dinner. 

“As a team, I think we can improve on working together, because sometimes there’s some miscommunication, but I feel like we can definitely work around that,” Brooke said. “I love how we all respect each other and we’re all there for each other. And if something gets [somebody] down, we know how to lift each other up again,”

For herself, Brooke’s goals this season focus mainly on improving her skills as a player.    

“I’d like to improve on my hitting and getting my batting average up,” Brooke said. “Sometimes I’ll go up to [my teammates] and we’ll set goals for each other. For me, my goals are like, ‘I’m going to hit the ball to this side of the field’ or ‘I’m gonna dive into a base today.’ Just little things to hold me accountable for doing my best.”

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