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Tyson Smith

Second baseman Tyson Smith, senior, foresees back-to-back championship victories for the varsity baseball team. As a contributing member of last year’s winning team, Smith hopes that this year’s team can accomplish what last year’s did.

“[The goal is to] do it again,” Smith said. “It’s kind of everybody’s goal.”

On a personal level, Smith’s goals reflect the hope of another victorious season. Smith’s personal growth goals have taken a back seat to what he hopes for the team to accomplish in his final year as a member. 

“[My goals are to] do whatever I can and put my personal goals aside [to] kind of focus on what the team needs,” Smith said. 

Smith hopes that maintaining team morale will allow all members of the team, both old and new, to succeed in the face of other solid teams.

“There’s pretty good teams out there,” Smith said. “I think the biggest obstacle really is ourselves, you know. [We try] not getting down, keeping our heads up. If we can do that I think we’re good.”

In order to counter these challenges, Smith feels that enjoying the experience will allow the team to thrive and continue accomplishing its goals. 

“[I want to] just have fun,” Smith said. “You can’t really focus on the obstacles, you kind of [have] to enjoy the moment and remember you only play for so long.” 

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