Skylar Lindstrom

Skylar Lindstrom, Staff Reporter

Sharing the love of writing, Skylar Lindstrom, senior, joined the wlhsNOW journalism team to try something new before heading off to college.

“I love sitting down, writing out what is going through my head, and speaking my mind through pen and paper,” Lindstrom said. “Especially when it comes time for a week's worth of equestrian competition.”

Lindstrom has been a part of the West Linn equestrian team throughout all of high school. She has made varsity all four years, and was elected captain her junior and senior year.

“Riding horses is time consuming, dangerous, and gets frustrating very fast. It’s taught me many things about myself, and life lessons that I wouldn’t trade for anything,” Lindstrom said.

While Lindstrom had never thought about journalism until senior year, she loves talking at gatherings, going out to school events, and being in the community to see what is going on.

“Working with the wlhsNOW journalism team will get me more involved with my high school,” Lindstrom said. “It will teach me valuable lessons of how to work in a team environment.”

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Skylar Lindstrom