Violet Crabtree

Violet Crabtree, Staff Reporter

Whether it be jotting down ideas between bites of cereal in the morning, or doodling setting designs in the lulls of class, Violet Crabtree, freshman, is always working on the next story she wants to tell.

“Storytelling has always been a passion of mine,” Crabtree said. “I’ve written short stories, poems, comics, playwrights...every form has something to offer.”

Crabtree enjoys writing stories driven by characters and their relations, whether that be a person helping their best friend struggle through the aftermath of an unhealthy relationship, or a mother trying desperately to connect with her troubled daughter. Her stories usually involve some surrealist horror or fantasy elements.

Ever since she was a child, Crabtree has absorbed herself in literature. She enjoys analyzing books and admiring how authors weave pacing, characters, and plot together to make a compelling story.

When she’s not writing, Crabtree spends her free time at home with her family and friends.

“A lot of the stuff I write about is inspired by conversations I have with my family,” Crabtree said. “My sister and I collaborate on stuff all the time.”

For Crabtree, journalism is the next step in improving her writing.

“I’ve only ever written for myself, never for an actual audience,” Crabtree said. “I really want to take this opportunity to break out of my comfort zone.”

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Violet Crabtree