Kaylee Bengtson

Kaylee Bengtson, Yearbook Staff

For Kaylee Bengtson,10, waking up is never easy. “I wake up at 7 am every morning but I have to set like 5 alarms” Bengston said.She doesn’t take a long time to get ready and her bus leaves at 7:40 am.Bengtson can’t take any naps during the day because she can’t sleep at night time when she goes to bed.She enjoys reading and watching youtube on her phone in her free time but she doesn’t enjoy writing. Her favorite genre to read is realistic fiction and her favorite book is All the Bright Places.

Bengtson loves coffee and “I always get the caramelizer with almond milk” at the popular Dutch Bros.” I don’t drink a lot of soda because my mom wont let me have caffeine” Bengston said, but ”I love drinking water” and her favorite food is hamburgers.”My favorite dessert is ice cream but I can’t have dairy” Bengston said.

In the summer she hikes with her dad and her brother and she goes to her dad’s house every other weekend.” I have 2 older brothers and a dog named daisy who is a yorkie” Bengston said. She doesn’t like scary movies because she gets scared after the movie. Her favorite teacher she’s had is the english 9 teacher Ms.Hamm “because she is really nice and helpful” Bengston said.

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Kaylee Bengtson