Amirhossein Salem
“It is 6 in morning the sleepy boy has to get up to go to his practice to do what he loves to do," Amir Salem, junior, said. "In my life, my motivation is to do something that others can't do.”

Salem loves playing basketball with the best team he has ever played with.

“Every second I play I tell myself to work hard, as much as you can to be what you want to be and be who I want to be.”

“Going to my new school feeling great to see new people new teacher and working on my future and thinking about what I want to do with all these great teachers. You can feel their experience about how they become successful in their life."

Salem feels great in his new high school, because he has great friends that they been help me a lot in this week to get to know the school that in future that i can find stuff if I need. I'm having the great teachers, because they way they show us how to become successful in our future and how we can do better thing than other people.

“Journalism is one of my favorite things that I have ever done in my life. It's a lot of work but I love because the more work I do I learn more about,” Salem said.

My teacher is the active guy that love to see his student grow everyday, and love way how they become successful in their life all I can say is that I love to do journalism.”

One of his favorite classes is journalism. The class helps him a lot to be better in his English speaking and also his writing. Any time he’s free at home he likes to write about what he has done today and the more he needs to do in his life and accomplish in my life. Salem sends a big thank you to his teacher Glenn Krake for helping him be more comfortable about what he’s doing and how he can be better at it.

Amirhossein Salem, WLHSnow Staff

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Amirhossein Salem