Kara Ghorbani-Elizeh
Community service is a way that Kara Ghorbani-Elizeh, senior, gives back. Helping people has always been an important aspect of Ghorbani-Elizeh’s life because she has always been aware of how lucky she is to live a privileged life. Ghorbani-Elizeh considers it selfish when people have a chance to help someone and they don't.

“Whenever a person in my group of friends needs help, I am the go-to person,” Ghorbani-Elizeh said. She would love to continue helping people throughout her life and is considering becoming a psychiatrist when she grows up.

“I first became interested in psychology when I took it as a class my sophomore year of high school,” Ghorbani-Elizeh said. “I loved it because I think it is really cool how there are reasons for a person’s behavior and how scientists can figure out how the brain works.”

Although helping people is a big part in Ghorbani-Elizeh’s life, she also loves to travel and took a three week trip to Italy and Greece this summer.

“It was the most amazing trip of my whole life, the food was delicious and the beaches were beautiful. You could see straight down into the ocean,” Ghorbani-Elizeh said.

Ghorbani-Elizeh has always been aware of other people’s needs and wants. She is the first person her friends go to in times of need and in her free time, you will see her volunteering for her community. She is truly devoted to helping people, and wants to make her life career about assisting other people in their problems.

Kara Ghorbani-Elizeh, The People Editor

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Kara Ghorbani-Elizeh