Makayla DeFrancisco
Makayla DeFrancisco, senior, has always had a special passion for writing. 

Throughout high school, DeFrancisco has taken Creative Writing One, both AP English classes and now Journalism One. She has always been that person who loves writing assignments and speaking her otherwise quiet voice on paper. That’s a huge reason why DeFrancisco decided to join the wlhsNOW journalism team.

“I wanted to not only expand my writing skills, but also get that team aspect that I hadn’t had the chance to get until now,” DeFrancisco said. 

Outside of her passion for writing, you can find DeFrancisco spending time with friends, listening to music or binge watching one of her favorite Netflix shows. DeFrancisco is also likely to be reading, another one of her passions. She’s currently immersed in thoughts about the future as well. 

Surprisingly, journalism isn’t her future career of choice. She’s still exploring major options. “It’s tough to find a major when you haven’t had a clear end point that many have had for years,” DeFrancisco said. 

Despite it not being a future career, DeFrancisco is still excited to be able to write stories for someone that isn’t herself or one of her teachers. “If I can actually get a couple of stories in the newspaper, it’ll be so thrilling to see my name in print,” DeFrancisco said. 

As someone who primarily writes fiction, she is looking forward to being able to write real stories about her school and world. 

DeFrancisco is excited to have the opportunity to not only share her own voice, but the voice of others who are not often heard.

Makayla DeFrancisco, Staff Writer

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Makayla DeFrancisco