WLHS selects new art teacher

Camille Coiller

June 11, 2013

After sifting through over 40 applications and days of decisions, Marianna Gordon, visual arts teacher, has been chosen to fill the position that opened due to Lynn Pass’s retirement.  She was described by Wind Lothamer, te...

Rhonda Case, French teacher, retires to help stop global intimate violence

Mary Earp & Chrisann Kim

June 15, 2012

After teaching at WLHS for 20 years, Rhonda Case, French teacher, has announced her retirement. Next year, Case will stay close and work for something that she is passionate about. "I will be staying in the area and working with...

So…did you make the most of Teacher Appreciation Week?

Chrisann Kim

May 15, 2012

Students say "thank you" to their parents for buying them food, or they can say "thanks" to friends for compliments received. But can—and do—students say "thank you" to their teachers for going through hours and hours of the...

Naoki, a Japanese exchange student, talks about his experiences in Oregon

Sophie Pesetti

March 23, 2012

It's been two weeks since the eight Japanese Exchange students and their teacher arrived from Kochi, Japan, and experienced American places and customs. Naoki Nakamura saw an Oregon high school, the Portland Art Museum, Multnom...

From teaching government to working in government: WL teacher is recruited by Kitzhaber’s office to improve education standards

Elise Brown

November 9, 2011

Todd Jones, social studies teacher, is taking a sabbatical from teaching to work with the state government to make Oregon’s education system better. For 14 years, Jones has taught classes at West Linn such as AP Government and...

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