Local library goes digital with eReaders


With the invention of eReaders and their ever-growing popularity, it’s imperative that eReader users keep up with current advancements in technology. For those people who are dedicated to these devices and always purchase books digitally, new eBooks are now ready to be borrowed locally at the West Linn Library.

eReaders are digital reading devices that are an alternative to buying printed copies of books. They are paperless and do not require manufacturing and extra supplies that are needed to produce a book, making it a cheaper option. For people always on the go, eReaders are portable don’t require constant trips to the bookstore and they can also be read without a light because it provides a lit screen. eReaders generally range from prices starting at around $80 dollars to $400 depending on the specs of the device.

To all fans of eReaders, the West Linn Library now offers an open collection of eBooks that are currently compatible with the Kindle eReader. Patrons of the library are welcome to download eBooks to their Kindle using the free Kindle app on their smart phone devices or by going online to the library’s website to download them.

Along with eBooks, the Library also offers audiobooks for PC and Mac computers, various smart phones, the Sony Reader and the Barnes and Noble eReader, the Nook. If you have another device that was not mentioned, feel free to drop by the Library with questions.

To those who aren’t exactly tech-savvy, there will be a drop-in session at the Library on Oct. 19, 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Staff will be on hand to help anybody who has questions about the new eBook system or about eReaders in general. They will also help anyone who needs assistance downloading eBooks to their devices.