“Green and Gold” earns national recognition.

When a pivotal mistake was made in the publishing of last year’s West Linn High School yearbook, the swift efforts to correct it became a nationally recognized success. Last year’s Green & Gold yearbook has been credited for its design, creativity and especially for a layout assembled at the very last minute.

Glenn Krake, yearbook adviser, said that the winning design was an “accident.” When the printers made a mistake, the editors decided upon the theme of a new design, and then the entire class worked on the spread for only two or three days.

“It wasn’t really like we were working towards an award,” Hannah Morton, senior yearbook editor, said. “It was more like an excitement because it wasn’t planned.” When last year’s designs were created, Morton was a co-editor on the staff.

The Jostens’ Look Book, a national publication, recognized the spread for providing design to schools across the nation. Jostens is a publisher that produces high school yearbooks and annually the publisher distributes a “Look Book.”

“The ‘Look Book’ goal is to help you generate ideas for next year’s yearbook,” Morton said. “You have to do something out-of-the-box to make other schools re-evaluate what they’re doing. I didn’t think we would ever be in the Look Book.”

The spread that was selected for this year’s Jostens’ 2012 Gotcha Covered Look Book is a layout of Facebook photos fit between various borders. Although the original spread is eight pages long, only part will be displayed in the 288-page Look Book.

“We all pitched in since we had such a time crunch to do this,” Morton said. “A lot of time went into getting all the pictures. We thought about what would be fun for other students to look at.”

Morton and the other editors had thought of a Facebook-oriented layout for a while because it can be seen as a current trend.

“It’s a lot of work,” Morton said. “We spent a lot of time trying to do something different than past years.”

According to Krake, recognition from the 2012 Jostens’ Gotcha Covered Look Book is not the only honor for last year’s yearbook. At the highest level of critique, the work was awarded an All-American status for its designs and coverage of the past year.

“We try and capture the moment,” Krake said. “We try to capture what tells the story of this year.”