Need ideas for Father’s Day? Check out these ideas to make it a perfect day for dad


Father’s Day is coming up on June 17 and if you are starting to stress about how best to honor your dad, check out some of these ideas for gifts and activities to make the day special while staying on budget.


1. Create a personalized coffee mug for your dad in a variety of colors ranging in price from $14-$20. You can add photos and/or text with a special quote or statement showing how much you care for him.

2. Digital photo frames are an easy way to bring tons of memories together into a single, cool gadget that your dad is sure to love. You can purchase a variety of sizes and they are easy to find at many retailers. These tend to be a little on the pricy side starting at around $25.

3. If you are tight on money, offer your dad a day off — let him relax while you do all of his regular chores. You could wash the car or make him his favorite dinner from scratch. Top it off with a homemade gift such as a card or other handmade trinket. Remember it’s the thought that counts.

4. Give him a gift card to his favorite store. A Sports Authority or Dick’s gift card could allow him to purchase a new set of golf balls, or an iTunes card could provide him the opportunity to buy new movies, music or books. Even gift cards to restaurants are great ideas for helping him take a night off, relax, and enjoy some good food.


1. The Portland Saturday Market is always fun to hang out at on the weekends. There is something for everyone to do and so many different things to try. There are many food carts in the area around the market to grab a fairly inexpensive bite to eat ranging from $5 to $10. Luckily, Father’s Day is during the summer so you can go outside and enjoy the sun.

2. Make a picnic and take your dad to a surprise destination. Whether it is going to a local park, going for a hike, or swimming in the river, he will surely love the family bonding time and the thought that you put into planning the event.

3. Give your dad a pair of outdoor concert tickets for the summer at a location such as McMenamin’s Edgefield in Troutdale. The warm weather is an excuse in itself to go outside, but if it is paired with one of his favorite bands, he can’t resist. Ticket prices vary but are in the $40 to $90 range.

4. Give your dad a thrill and plan an airsoft or paintball trip. Activities like these will make him feel young again and give him an excuse to act a little childish. Venues such as Tac-Ops in Portland or Warpaint International Paintball and Airsoft in Salem offer plenty of space and equipment. About two and a half hours will cost each player $20.

This variety of activities and gifts will help to make the perfect father’s day for your dad. Take the time to make the day memorable and thank him for all of the wonderful experiences and lessons he has given you throughout the years.