Hoss announces retirement after 36 years at WLHS


Photo by Niki Gray

Clark Hoss, social studies teacher, has taught a plethora of classes over his teaching career, from World History Green to the now-defunct Crisis: World Dramas course. He’s taught nearly all social studies courses apart from psychology, economics and AP curricula. On Nov. 30, he announced in an email to the staff that after 36 years of teaching, he is retiring.

“I definitely enjoy teaching,” Hoss said. “It keeps you young. Young at mind, young at heart. But after 36 years in one place, it’s time to think of something new.”

Hoss’s retirement officially began on Nov. 30, but he will continue teaching for the remainder of the year as a “permanent substitute.” Negotiations for who will take his place will likely begin this spring, the same time enrollment and budget decisions are made.

Currently living in Lake Oswego, Hoss is planning to retire to Dundee — a town west of Newberg out in “wine country” — and start a bed-and-breakfast facility with his wife, Brigitte Hoss.

“It’s a people-oriented business,” Hoss said. “You have the ability to sit and visit with people. It’s not like a motel where people just check in and out. You never know when someone significant wants to stay with you, and the ability to interact with them would be exciting.”

Hoss is very thankful for the experience he’s had; he has served under four superintendents and six principals, and has been an advisor for activities such as cheer and ASB. But he is “well past” the retirement age for the public employees retirement system, which is 58 years of age or 30 years of service, and is ready to transition into retirement.

“There’s a certain amount of wear and tear every teacher feels,” Hoss said, “and some teach for longer than they should. But I’ve enjoyed it, and I feel like I have provided a service.”