Pascale Patterson earns perfect score on AP test

Imagine being only one of six students in the entire world to earn a perfect score on the AP Calculus AB test. For Pascale Patterson, senior, this is a reality.

In 2012, 266,994 students took the AP Calculus AB test, and 15.5 percent of those students received a score of a five. Patterson not only received a five, the highest possible score, but she completed the test without any errors.

This is a very rare occurrence. In fact, only 88 perfect scores, out of 3,700,000 tests, were reported in 2012. Patterson was jubilant when she found out how well she scored.

“[When I found out], I just wanted to tell Ms. (Tina) LaFerriere (math teacher) and my parents,” Patterson said.

LaFerriere found out soon after.

“I was shocked and in awe,” LaFerriere said. “And I was proud―super super proud of her.”

The students at West Linn High School had a similar reaction, according to Mark Paraschuk, senior, who was inspired by her achievement.

“I was overjoyed to find out that a good friend of mine from WLHS got such an amazing reward,” Paraschuk said. “It was inspiring to see how, through her hard work, she achieved the impossible.”

Patterson’s achievement did not come easy. Hours of hard work were spent studying for the test. “I did all of the practice tests online; all 24 of them,” Patterson said.

Along with this, Patterson credits LaFerriere for helping her. “She taught me everything that I needed to know,” Patterson said.

LaFerriere attributes Patterson’s success to her uniqueness in the classroom. “Her questions were always more involved and asked for further meaning,” LaFerriere said. “She paid attention to details and practiced a lot more.”

According to LaFerriere, Patterson always went “above and beyond,” and this is one of the reasons for her success.