New Police station brings larger police force

Constructing the new police station has been needed for quite sometime now, and according to the head committee manager, Bob Galante, the old building could go down with the push of a finger. However, with the new building comes the necessity to hire more police officers. For some this means a safer community, and to others, more tickets.

“The police are very helpful and they keep the community safe,” Cailin Guerins, junior, said. “But it seems like there are a lot of extra officers parked and driving around. West Linn is pretty safe and there is not much that goes on.”

“I think tickets will increase, because there are always officers partrolling highway 43 and around the high school,” Guerins said.

Along with the expanding number of police officers, a brand new station will be built on Eighth Avenue and 13th Street, down in Willamette by the town center. It will take up approximately 20,000 square feet.

“There will be two levels based on the slope of the lot. When you first walk in, you will enter the lobby and the public areas where people can help you,” Bob Galante, project manager said.

The rest of the floor plan has different sections for administration, records, patrol, detectives, lockers and lunch.

“The building also holds beautiful artwork made by local citizens, who volunteered to be on the art committee,” Galante said. “The art that is made is requested by what the police station wants.”

As for the outside of the building, it will be covered in red brick that can withstand different weather conditions and storms. The building is made to last a very long time, and is very eco-friendly.

Driving by the lot, one can see preparation for construction that will start around the end of June. Estimated completion is in nine to ten months.