Students show off their skills at CCC Competition

The Clackamas Community College Regional Skills Competition gives students a chance to show their skills in areas such as math, music and science, etc. Winners receive tuition waivers for CCC  credit. First place winners would received 12 credits, second place received eight credits and third place received four credits.

The first place winners of the math team II competition were Henry Lee, sophomore, Anton Anikin, junior, and  Daniel Tang, junior. For Taya Arnone, senior, creativity helped her win the graphic design logo competition for the CCC skills competition.

“The CCC was an assignment that we had to do and it sounded fun to do,” Arnone said. “I started knowing that I wanted to use a hand in my design. Then I went through and looked at the other competitions that you could do at the CCC and decided I wanted to incorporate some of them into my design.”

Arnone used the computer to design her logo. She also looked over past winners to help her think of an idea of what would be needed.

“I didn’t think that I would win,” Arnone said “But I feel good after having the competition over. I would come back next year if I could because it was fun and gave me more experience.”

Her winning piece will be featured on the front cover of the 2014 Clackamas Regional Skills Competition Booklet.

Hunter Bosson, junior, placed fourth in the math individual competition and qualified for the state competition. Bosson was in the 88th percentile and now he will be going to the state competition at Portland State University.

“I was surprised that I got into the state competition. I did not know that there was a state competition,” Bosson said.