New grandstands: fact or fiction?

New grandstands: fact or fiction?

Brittany Park

The stadium at West Linn High School is also known as William c. Gregory Memorial Field. Rumor has it that the home grandstands could become the visitor’s stands if new grandstands are built.

Grandstands on the visitor’s side of the football field are rumored

Lion fans who come to sporting events at West Linn High School often find themselves standing behind the student section, on the track or behind the band because there aren’t enough seats for all attendees. It has been rumored that the visitor’s bleachers be replaced with larger grandstands for use by Lion fans while the current home stands will be used by the visitors. This plan includes details of a tunnel that the teams can run though, a larger capacity in the stands, and improved restroom and concessions facilities.

Despite efforts to contact authorities, it is still unclear whether this rumor is true or false. As of now, Kevin Mills, athletic director, commented that there is no bond money set aside for this project. What does seem apparent at this time is that this project would have to be privately funded, as there is not any evidence of funds set aside for a stadium renovation.