Mark Martens, assistant principal, ends service at WLHS in June

After a five-year service as assistant principal, Mark Martens plans to vacate his position in June. Martens will become the assistant principal at Canby High School, which is closer to his home than to West Linn High School.

“I’ll be able to be around a lot more for [my family] during the day,” Martens said. “I can run home from school when I need to, whereas working here I’m not always able to do that.”

The 2013-2014 school year concludes Martens’ fifth year at WLHS.  During his term, Martens has been the main administrator of the parking lots and overseen freshmen, sophomore and at-risk students.

Before working at WLHS, Martens taught English in Florida and South Carolina and was Athletics Director at Tualatin High School.

“Mr. Martens brought experience to the position,” Lou Bailey, principal, said.  “It’s valuable to have that experience.  I think it’s his personality, the way he works with kids and how he does a great job with all of his charged tasks that we’ll miss.  He has a great way about him.”

The most exceptional aspects of his work include creating opportunities to collaborate with teachers and other administration, accordings to Martens.

“The admin teams that I’ve been a part of have been great,” Martens said, “and obviously the teachers’ dedication to their profession, their willingness to come in and work with kids and push kids to reach their highest potential is nice to see every day.”