West Linn Strong Week emphasizes acceptance and kindness

Fostering awareness, acceptance and building a supportive school community within the student body and staff, West Linn Strong Week, Sept. 22-26, was kicked off today with a surprise guest speaker, Donny Wright, a counselor. The Associated Student Body is planning and sponsoring the events.

“My goal for West Linn Strong Week is to bring the school together in a positive way instead of waiting until something happens,” Kaylee Combs, ASB member said. “We want people to feel as though they are in a positive accepting environment.”

This following week, ASB will focus on performing acts of kindness, making tributes to friendship, and a pledging a written promise to all students. On Monday, students are encouraged to “make an impact” by asking “how are you doing” to others, hugging their “homies” or treating someone to lunch. Tuesday, students will “capture the moment” by sharing and using 80 cameras that will be passed around the school and turned in my the end of the day. Staff and students will hold hands, make a ring around the track and take a panoramic photo on Wednesday. On Thursday, the student body will “rep it” by wearing “West Linn Strong” wristbands that sell for a dollar each. Finally, Friday brings about a “Commitment to the Future,” when students school-wide will sign paw cutouts to pledge to being “West Linn Strong.”

“I hope that West Linn Strong week will be an opportunity for all of us to become more aware, accepting, and supportive of one another,” Annie Kaiser, ASB adviser said, “Our hope is that it will be the start of an entire year of students standing together, united and strong.”