Getaway During March

In 2015 travel to Costa Rica for a once in a life time opportunity


Have you ever traveled out of the state? Out of the country? Well this is your chance to experience a culturally diverse change while zip lining with your closest friends.  During Spring Break of 2015 Marcos Zollinger, Spanish teacher, will be hosting a nine day trip to Costa Rica.  Every student is able to attend the trip, from those taking AP Spanish to Chinese or even no language.

“The most important thing to know is that the students going will have a lot of fun while opening their eyes to another way of life and see, superficially, what another culture is like.” Zollinger said. During this trip, students will zip line, white water raft, eat authentic foods, venture through forests, and visit exotic beaches. Students going will be moving continually to find the next adventures while staying in hotels along the way, not staying in one place for too long. Going out of the country can be a first for some people but that’s half the excitement according to some students. “I am going on the trip because I am interested in traveling internationally.” Jennie Slominski, junior, said.

For students wanting to attend make sure to pack sunny clothes, a bathing suit, tromping boots, and some comfortable shoes because this trip will be an escape from the Oregon rain. (For a complete list of packing materials go When leaving for the trip all students going will meet up at PDX and fly out to San Jose, CA then to Costa Rica and after that students will travel all around the country.

The trip costs $3225, but pay soon because the price goes up $625 every month. To sign up for the trip go online or talk to Zollinger in room D205.  If parents want to get in on the trip there is an additional fee, but if they’re looking for a relaxing trip this isn’t the one for them because students going will always have something going on. There’s no deadline to sign up, so get going now.