Prom scheduled for May 16 at the Oregon Zoo


WLHS boys think of creative ways to ask girls to prom; Kevin Galloway, junior, asks Natalie McMillan, sophomore, in her Photo 1 class by having her develope photos that spell out “prom.” Prom is scheduled for May 16 at the Oregon Zoo from 8-11. Tickets go on sale next week and are $40.

Party buses, dresses, tuxes, nails, hair and spray tans are all on the minds of West Linn High School students with prom being under a month away. The Oregon Zoo from 8-11p.m. on May 16 and tickets will be $40. ASB “has put a lot of work to make sure that prom will be a fun experience for students,”  Lydia VanWinkle, ASB member and junior, said

“The biggest challenge is to pick a theme,” VanWinkle said, “but with a lot of teamwork and brainstorming we pick something creative and then work from there.”

VanWinkle said that after the theme was picked everything else begins to fall into place. ASB has decided the theme of prom, but wants to make it a surprise for WLHS students.

This year WLHS’s prom is on the same day as Clackamas and Tigard which is causing numerous problems for students.

“I wanted to go with my friend from Tigard to prom,” Julia Webster, junior, said, “but his prom is the same day as ours so now we are deciding which prom to go to.”

A big problem girls have faced is ordering their dresses online. After ordering their prom dress many girls received it in the mail and it was completely different than they expected.

“My dress I ordered looked so cute online. I couldn’t wait to get it,” Nina Olivier, junior, said, “but when it came it was completely different from what I ordered.”

Despite the difficulties students have faced, they are still looking forward to prom. If you are interested in attending prom, tickets go on sale next week for $40 at the bookkeeper’s office.