Porches set to receive upgrades; desktop computers being phased out


Brittany Park

Sarah Von Ahn, Rachel Porche, and Chelsea Lin, juniors, work on assignments at tables on Porch 1A. The porches are being redesigned to feature bigger tables for collaborative work, charging ports and new seating with laptop carts replacing the outdated computers.

Students at West Linn High School may have noticed some porches are missing desktop computers. Computers from three out of the seven main porches have already been removed. The student porches at West Linn High School are being upgraded this summer to allow for newer technology and a more collaborative work space.

“The desktops are too old, and the district required us to change them,” Angie Hammond, Chair of the Technology Department, said. “We want to create porches that allowed students to work in groups with large tables.”

Some changes are already underway, however others were postponed to next year due to money and time concerns. The old tables and desktop computer running Windows XP will be removed, opening the space up for tables designed for group work and a more technologically friendly space.

Seven porches will be involved in the renovation, four of which will feature soft seating; two upstairs and two downstairs. The porches will feature enhanced wifi as well.

“We will encourage students to bring their laptops,” Hammond said. “In the future, we will be creating genius bars which will allow people to easily charge their devices.”

The local community recently passed a bond levy that allows the school district to buy materials to make improvements. This tax is renewed every seven years.

“The money can’t be used to increase the number of staff,” Stacy Erickson, Librarian, said. “It is meant for buying physical things and improving the school.”

The original architects that designed the porch layout created a re-design sketch, showing an optimistic restoration. The design isn’t final, but it gives a good idea of what it might look like. It features stools, couches, large tables and possibly new desktops. The design and idea to upgrade came from many groups, including the administration, school district officials, and committee made up of teachers and support staff.

“We were thinking about using the new laptop carts as a way for teachers to check them out to their classes and to easily work on the porch,” Hammond said. “We’re so excited to begin.”

Other changes have already occurred such as the new clocks being installed in classrooms across the school. Expect many of these major renovations for this fall, however some upgrades such as the “genius bar” may not be added until later.