Softball team looking for student support


Students support their high school softball team by wearing new West Linn bracelets. The WLHS softball team is selling bracelets as a fundraiser for their upcoming season.

With a new coach and a new season right around the corner, the WLHS softball team is starting their season earlier than ever. Introducing head coach Monica Sorenson, batting coach Carlene Morgan and pitching coach Gene Chamberlin, the softball team is ready to take on the new year.

There’s always a learning period, where anyone new to a group has to make some time to just get to know the team,” Matt Butts, JV softball coach, said.

Starting over can cause many problems, and the team is currently working out how to solve their biggest and most intimidating one – their budget. The team has never had a large group of donors and this year, they’re coming face to face with the fact that they’re low on money.

The biggest impact is the unknowns in planning for the start of the season,” Butts said. “The budget really depends on the success of our fundraising work.”

To combat their budget battle, the WLHS softball team has started fundraising and is turning to the students for help. Players are turning to local companies to sell banners, but they’re also bringing the softball spirit into the school.

“We’re selling bracelets to the West Linn community,” Maitland Marth, sophomore softball player, said. “They come in three sizes with two different colors and two different sayings.”

With the money they raise, the softball team is hoping to buy new jerseys and a set of game bases. They also dream of one day buying a new pitching machine and a radar gun to measure the speed of pitches.

“We’re excited to see how the new jerseys and bases will turn out,” Marth said. “Also, a radar gun would be helpful at practices and games to see how our throwing improves.”

With new gear in their sights, the softball team has already started conditioning in preparation for the spring. The incoming gear will only elevate the level of play for the team.

“For the first time in several years last year, the program fielded three full teams,” Butts said. “It takes more equipment and supply than we’ve been able to purchase new in recent time.

To support the team, buy bracelets from any softball player. Bracelets cost $3 a piece or can be bought in two packs for $5. They come in either green or black and students have a choice of the saying “Heart of a Lion” or “It doesn’t get easier, you get stronger.”