City Council Recruits Student Advisors


Want to learn more about how the city government works? Want to make your college application look even better and advise the West Linn City Council on issues that affect our demographic? Then look no further than the upcoming West Linn Youth Advisory Council.

Any high school student who resides in West Linn can apply, and will have the opportunity to meet government officials, be involved in the governmental process, represent local youth in projects involving parks, schools, etc., and help out with service projects.

The 15-20 members will be chosen by a panel of government workers through interviews of the applicants. Applications can be found here, and submitted to here, City Hall, or the public library. All applications are due before Mon. May 16. The interviews will be held on May 25, and the new members will then proceed to an orientation on June 3. Official activities start in August.

The applicants must be able to attend the Council’s activities, collectively making up several hours a month, including monthly meetings. Applicants are required to have a reference, parental consent, and enthusiasm.

Todd Jones, social studies teacher, already helps the City Council and is helping start the YAC.
“Officially and unofficially, I provide counsel to the City on matters related to youth and youth education,” Jones, who is currently volunteering on the city budget board, said.

“The City Council adopted [the YAC] as one of their 2016 goals,” Jones explained. “The Council meets annually, usually in December, and decides their goals for the year.” This year, the YAC made it onto the list. “They want youth to give them advice on things they should do to meet kids’ interests and need a sounding board.”

“For a student in West Linn, I think this is a neat opportunity,” Jones said. “It’s an educational experience on how the city functions…being the voice of youth. I suspect they’ll make some good.”

Jones’ advice for applicants is simple. “I would just tell them to just to be sincere. Not put out what they think somebody wants to hear, but just what’s genuine.” Also, “they’re running out of time.” The deadline for applicants is Monday.

For those without Internet access, additional applications are available at the library and City Hall.