Best in the (North) West

The Symphonic Choirs heads to Wash. for the Northwest Division Conference


Kate Walters

The Symphonic Choir performs at the Spaghetti Dinner in preparation for the Northwest Division Conference. The choir will be performing Sat. Feb 18 in Bellevue, Wash.

The Symphonic Choir is headed to Bellevue, Wash. for the National Association for Music Education Northwest Division Conference.

“We’re going to head up to University of Puget Sound early Friday morning for a clinic and then tour around Seattle and Bellevue before we perform on Saturday,” Kate Walters, senior, said. “I’m excited to stay the night at the hotel because I’m rooming with some of my closest friends and I just know we’re going to have a ton of fun.”

The choir has been hard at work creating the perfect set for the performance.

“We have a really great set focused on love and global music,” Walters said. “It’s been nice because we’ve really grown as singers and musicians by incorporating more styles and cultures.” Walters is excited for her first solo in a while as well.

“I have a solo in choir for the first time since freshman year and that’s really exciting for me,” Walters said. “I never used to audition because I had stage fright but this year Mrs. Fontana offered me the solo and I just decided not to be scared anymore and it worked! I’m really excited to be able to show all the other choirs and directors what we can do.”

Every member is just as excited and determined for the upcoming performance.

“I am really excited,” Mikayla Ellsworth, junior, said. “It’s going to be a great bonding experience for the whole choir and I’m ready to show everyone in the Northwest what we’ve got.”

The members of the choir have been working hard all year for this big performance.

“It’s so cool that we were able to make it this far,” Walters said. “We’ve been working crazy hard all year, in fact we’ve been working hard the last four years I’ve been in choir and it’s finally paying off big time. I’m just so thankful for this amazing opportunity to finish off my high school choir career strong.”

The choir will be performing Feb. 18.