We stand united

Student club to promote a Unity day in May


Unity Day is going to be a day to promote a stronger and more welcoming community. The West Linn United club is hard at work planning out all of the details for the day on May 26.

After many divisive events, the West Linn United club has decided to host a Unity Day in May.

“It will be a day promoting unity through workshops,” Tristan Waits, senior, said. “It’s going to be a way to learn about everything and everyone.” While West Linn United is still working out the details of the day, they have some activities planned.

“You can do everything from yoga to learning about different families,” Waits said. “Students have an opportunity to get to know stuff they may not have known before.”

The club wants a way for all students to feel included and make sure that everyone is welcome.  

“Students at the school have been discriminated against and we wanted to find a way to make sure students feel safe here,” Rameen Ali, senior, said. “We wanted to show people that we can be united as a school and community, despite different belief.”

The day is going to make sure that students are welcome.

“This is going to be a way to make all students feel welcome,” Waits said. “With some recent events, we want to make sure the school is a place where everyone is welcome and accepted. I feel like things have been so polarized and the right message is unity and people can be united despite what you may believe.”

The day will be full of fun activities that students are encouraged to participate in.

“Students are not forced to participate, but it will be encouraged,” Waits said. “The day will be treated like Poetry Out Loud. There will activites all day, mostly in english classes.”

With some more planning of activities, the day will be a great way for students to learn and grow as members of the community. The planned date for Unity Day is May 26.