Living two realities

The newly formed Tech Lab learns about the latest technology


Brooke McKelvey

Fulfilling the prerequisite checklist before takeoff, Tech Lab members gather around as they learn how to fly a drone. The Tech Lab meets Wednesdays after school in the library alcove in order to experiment with the latest advancements in the technology industry.

Having free time no longer means taking out a Nintendo DS and battling animated characters. Instead, technology companies have taken it upon themselves to bring video games to life with virtual reality. In an attempt to familiarize with this newfound fad, the Tech Lab was formed.

“In Tech Lab I really enjoy using our HTC Vive, a virtual reality console, and seeing the latest games and technology hitting the markets,” Matthew Neal, junior, said.

Dr. Stacy Erickson, the Tech Lab adviser, worked with the school board to make sure they would have access to new technology, but that isn’t the only reason for Tech Lab. Along with learning how to use certain equipment, Tech Lab members receive informative lectures from various guest speakers.

“The main purpose is to involve people who are in fields like engineering to show us what it is like,” Neal said.

Neal hopes to have a future in computer-aided design, and saw the Tech Lab as a perfect opportunity. Not only Neal plans to follow a tech-based career path, but so are some other members of the Tech Lab.


Although working with new technology is undoubtedly beneficial for a future in the constantly changing electronic future, there is more going on than just testing out equipment.

“I joined not only because I love tech,” Neal said, “but my friends are here and I love just hanging out with them.”