The lay of the land

Freshmen prepare for their next step


Brooke McKelvey

Waiting for familiar faces to walk by at lunch, freshmen look for comfort at Student Street during their first week of school.

Walking into an unknown building surrounded by unfamiliar faces and a head full of rumors can be overwhelming. The upperclassmen seem worlds away and college even further than that. Contrary to popular belief, however, upperclassmen are there to help and show incoming students the way.

“I was nervous about not being able to find my classes on the first day,” Emily Butts, freshman, said.

High school is definitely a change from middle school, but there are people and plans set in place to help; simply find a Link Crew member, a teacher or even another student. It may seem unfathomable to ask for help, but nothing is as scary as it seems.

“I wouldn’t worry too much about upperclassmen,” Rachel Gross, senior, said. “I always saw them as big and scary, but they have their own schedule and stay with their own friends.”

Teachers and administration work to make the transition as smooth as possible between middle and high school, but there are times when students need to take on responsibilities and prepare for the future.

“An important thing to remember is that freshman year does count,” Gross said.

Even though this can be tuned out after numerous lectures, this statement has more importance than students appreciate at first glance. It is important to stay on top of work right away.

“If you tell yourself you’ll just try harder next year, you probably won’t,” Gross said.

All of the work throughout the semester leads up to finals. Finals are ultimately a great preparation for the future, but can seem like an impossible task the first time around.

“I’m nervous for finals,” Butts said.

With high school comes new responsibilities that can seem like too much, but there are also tons of new clubs and activities that cater to a greater variety of students. Whether it’s joining hiking club or becoming a tabletop gamer, there are opportunities for everyone to get involved.

“I wish I had known about more clubs when I was a freshman,” Gross said.

Many seniors regret their lack of involvement by the time graduation rolls around and only wish that they could go back and do it all over again. For freshmen, it is important to not let time pass them by.